Northeast Kingdom Music Festival, Albany, Vermont

Donny at NEKMF
"No...I don't think you guys understand, you're all a bunch off wussies. I was up until six in the morning, running around with these crazy kids. We were up by the fire when that crazy lady started screamin'...Shit...You guys missed it...All of you, you're all wussies...All I know is, you'd better stay up tonight."

Hip Hop in the Hills, South Starksboro, Vermont

DMLH. Holdin' it down, for the Five Town.

Water Shed Trail, New Haven, Vermont

Wendi and I came across this guy on a last minute hike, we took, before she caught the train back to New York. This is certainly the largest reptile I have ever seen in the North Country. This ranks right up there, with the lynx and the fire spirit, on the list of crazy shit I saw this summer.

Hollow Road, Monkton, Vermont

A Tuesday night of great purpose and fun.

Pransky Road, Cabot, Vermont

The rest of us, went to Festivus.

Pransky Road, Cabot, Vermont

I am generally very skeptical about such matters. However, this is clearly a fire spirit raising up and making eye contact with DMLH.

McCullough Turnpike, Buels Gore, Vermont

At the top of the Five Towns, anything can and does happen.