Varanasi, India, Circa 2000

...after our move back to New York, I found this clip on an old tape in the bottom of a box. This is from my first trip to India back in the spring of 2000. The two hippies singing Bob Marley in the rickshaw, are Spanish guys I traveled with for a while...

Rocky Mountain Nat. Park, Colorado

Yut. June, 2011.

Loveland Pass, Colorado

...didn't really expect to be back through here only a month later...June, 2011.

Independence Pass, Colorado

One night I was over at Sofian's house, reviewing a script and bullshitting the night away. He said he needed a location to sub in for the Himalayas. I suggested Colorado, and we started surfing around Google Earth and looking up photos. After about an hour of this, he said he was convinced the Rockies could work, but we should go have a look see ourselves. I laughed, but he was serious and procceded to book us plane tickets to Denver. Two days later we were driving through mountains and hiking through snowpack. June, 2011.

The Shack, Lincoln, Vermont

After cleaning out the inside, Dre and I started sorting out the debris on the outside of the Shack. We came across a forgotten about pile of Hip Hop in the Hills signs, that had been put under the eves for safe keeeping, for the next festival, which never happened. So, we had a big bon fire, it was cleansing. May, 2011.

Downingsville Road, Lincoln, Vermont

Dre, Madeline and I cleaned out the downstairs of the shack, took almost 900 pounds of junk, computer monitors, a couch, broken tables, moldy Nine37 flyers, down to the dump. Dre and I also unearthed David's old buffalo hide, it was stiff and hard, but the fur was still soft. Basically, it was gross. May, 2011.

Forge Hill Road, Lincoln, Vermont

...stopped in on the Graz' fam' on my way up to the shack, helped Michael move his grandfather's old piano into the house. He had found the original reciept from the late 30's in the bench, original price $336.00. May, 2011.

Vandervoort Place, Brooklyn, New York

...back to it...Fuck yes...May, 2011.

Nelsonville, Ohio, Circa 1932

I can't be exactly sure, but I am going to assume this picture of my grandmother, Mary Jane Weaver, (back left in white) was taken when she was around 5 years old. Found at my parent's house, May, 2011.

Mine Tavern, Nelsonville, Ohio

...getting pushed up on...May, 2011.


..holy shit... May, 2011.

Scenic Lane, Nelsonville, Ohio

...I worked on the Subie with my Pop and saved a turtle with my Mom...April, 2011.

Scenic Lane, Nelsonville, Ohio

Welcome to Ohio. April, 2011.

Interstate 70, Kansas

...I have some good friends from here, and I hate to say it, but Kansas is fucking boring, at least to drive through. My trusty navigator had little to do... April, 2011.

Federal Blvd., Denver, Colorado

Yes, gas station ganja. April, 2011.

Loveland Pass, Colorado

...drank one too many IPA's at the Dillon Dam Brewery, then drove over Loveland Pass before decending down into Denver and on into the Prairie. April, 2011.

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

...stopped off in Moab for breakfast, then took a little hike through Arches. April, 2011.

Castle Road, Austin, Nevada

Stokes Castle, one of our first leg strechers on this cross country road trip. April, 2011.

McClure Beach, Point Reyes, California

Wendi on a misty beach, the weekend before we left town...Spring, 2011.

San Francisco, California

...just before we left...Spring, 2011.

Latin American Club, 22nd St., San Francisco, California the last Laundry Date Night. Spring, 2011.

Rural Alberta Advantage, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, California

Rural Alberta Advantage rocked it out to a packed house. Spring, 2011.

Kirkwood, Tahoe, California

Last days of the shred with Powsner. Spring, 2011.

York St., San Francisco, California

One day it sort of, kind of almost, slightly snowed. It was more like ice. Spring, 2011.

26th Street, San Francisco, California

Ethan came up to San Francisco for a visit and dog-sat, Murphy and Linus. Spring, 2011.

26th St, San Francisco, California

Parked by this one night...funny. Spring, 2011.