Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma County, California

...didn't see a single goat, but there were rocks...February, 2011.

Armstrong Grove, Guerneville, California

...it was a so-called steep trail and there were spiders...February, 2011.

Armstrong Grove, Guerneville, California

Redwoods. February, 2011.

McClure Beach, Point Reyes, California

...in September of 2009, Wendi and I took a Sunday afternoon drive, here, to McClure beach. This SuperBowl Sunday, in an effort to avoid everything about it, we meandered our way over there again. On both occasions, we read the Sunday Times, discussed the world's affairs and had an amazing day out. This time, for some reason, we had no wine...February, 13th 2011.

Muir Beach, Marin County, California

It was wicked windy and kind of raining... January, 2011.

Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, California

The bad kids hang out in Tim's room, at Kate's going away party. January, 2011.

Euclid Ave, Berkeley, California

...spent a good part of the morning, blowing up helium ballons with art department's Tim Lillis, by this stream in Codornices Park; all for a fake kid's birthday party to appear as the back drop in some horrible corporate commercial. January 28th, 2011.