Mass MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts

Wendi walks through the massive Sol LeWitt retrospective. September, 2011.

Mass MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts

A close up of a Sol LeWitt wall. Scribbles, awesome. September, 2011.

Mass MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts

Jon French checks out "Mango Tourists", by Nari Ward. September, 2011.

Mass MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts

Katharina Grosse: One Floor Up More Highly. September, 2011.

Mass MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts

Nari Ward: Sub Mirage Lignum. September, 2011.

Boriquen Ave, Brooklyn, New York

...saw Freddy Krueger in Brooklyn today, while I was stuck in traffic. September, 2011.

Calyer St., Brooklyn, New York

Never Forget! September 11th, 2011.

Newark St., Hoboken, New Jersey

The Manhattan skyline at dawn, as seen from our location, for the episode,"Stealing from the Homeless." September, 2011.

Forge Hill Road, Lincoln, Vermont

Michael and Betsy had an awesome party. Ash and I snuck down to the brook, at dusk, while the band played and the kids ran amuck. I fuckin' love Vermont. September, 2011.

Route 108, Stowe, Vermont

Wendi and I did the whole touristy tour through Waterbury and Stowe. We hit the Ben and Jerry's factory tour, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Cabot Annex and eventually made our way to the top of Route 108, Smuggler's Notch. I love it up there. I have some very fond memories from up there, from hikes as a kid to horror movie locations...September, 2011.

Lincoln Road, Bristol, Vermont

This is the beginning of the process of filling in the road, just below Circle Current, after Hurricane Irene unleashed it's fury across my dear homeland. September, 2011.

Lake Champlain Ferry, Chimney Point, Vermont

WHOOOOOT! ...from the "bridge ferry". September, 2011.

New York Ave., Huntington, New York

...shot in Long Island for a few days this month. This is the view, at dawn, from the roof of a restaurant location, as I coiled cables and prepped my cameras. August, 2011.

Lafayette St., New York, New York

We house sat for the month of August, in Soho. This was the view from the roof... August, 2011.