Belize City, Belize

Belize City was...interesting. November, 2012.

Placencia, Belize

...Wendi walks on the beach on the way to the airport. Best trip to a flight, ever. November, 2012.

"The Lagoon side", Placencia, Belize

...hung out on Coppola's lagoon pier one evening. November, 2012.

Lubaatun, San Miguel, Belize

...more Mayan ruins...Lubaatun, the "place of fallen rocks." This is the spot where the crystal skulls were supposedly found in the 1920's. Yeah, the ones that inspired that bad Indiana Jones movie. Novemeber, 2012.

San Antonio, Toledo District, Belize

After we visited the ruins at Nim Li Punit, we headed down to the waterfall outside of San Antonio. En route, we stopped off in Big Falls to see family friends of Andrea and Peter's. The kids were just getting out of school and upon hearing about our swimming hole run, they all threw their back packs onto the lawn and piled in the Subie and we all cooled off at this road side waterfall. November, 2012.

Nim Li Punit, Big Falls, Belize

...Mayan ruins at Nim Li Punit, "The Place of Big Hats." November, 2012.

The cave at Blue Creek, Belize

This was the best swimming hole I have ever been to. Not only is the water blue-blue, there are crazy fish, a giant crazy cave and it's in the middle of a dense jungle. Not only that, Wendi and I had this place to ourselves for the whole afternoon. November, 2012.

On the road to Blue Creek, Belize

My rented Subaru and a random diesel Mercedes on the bumpy back road to Blue Creek. November, 2012.

Tropic Air, Placencia, Belize

"It's like a bus, but in the air." November, 2012.

Finca Beach, Placencia, Belize

Vermontness in Central America. November, 2012.

Knickerbocker Ave., Brooklyn, New York

When I found a pocket full of Pounds Sterling, I was happy to have a box where the foreign currency goes in our house. November, 2012.

Willoughby St., Brooklyn, New York

...cleaned out the car the other day. Found rocks from Lake Huron, Vermont, Ohio and Tenneesee; cotton from Terrapin Creek and my boutonniere from the weddos. November, 2012.

Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, New York

...saw an eagle in the hood today. That was neat. November, 2012.

Terrapin Creek Lodge, Piedmont, Alabama

 was a good time. Photos courtesy of Miikka Skaffari. October 6th, 2012.