Highway One, Stensen Beach, California

Clouds and sun rays over the Pacific. January, 2010.

Mesa Road, Bolinas, California

A Great Egret, feeding in a flooded pasture. January, 2010.

Ridgecrest Blvd., Marin County, California

Nina Posdamer, at "the rock". January, 2010.

Hondo Road, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

I watched the sunset on the decade from the back porch of our cabin, while I smoked a spirit 'grit and drank down a cold bottle of beer. December 31st, 2009.

Route 64, Taos, New Mexico

Mount Wheeler. December, 2009.

New Mexico, the land of enchantment

Whenever I have traveled through the Southwest, I am often struck by the beauty of the textures, the colors and the light...

...a handmade chair, in the low winter sunlight.

...the geometry of the shadows and snow on cubical rocks.
...the contrast of a snowy roof against that deep blue sky.

...the eroded holes of a soft sandstone cliff.
...reaching aspen branches.

...electric wires meeting an adobe wall.

...barbed wire in a snowy pasture in Taos.

...blocks of adobe in a city center.

...the sun along a crack in an old shed....
America can seem so vast, but theses small scale scenes out in the back hollows or on the front porch can show you what it's really made of. It's the government I hate and this land that I love. It is amazing out there... December, 2009.

Painted Desert, Route 66, Arizona

Red Basin Desert. December 26th, 2009.

Painted Desert, Route 66, Arizona

Wendi walks along a ridge in the "Crystal Forest". December 26th, 2009.

Painted Desert, Route 66, Arizona

Petrified wood. December 26th, 2009.

Route 66, Holbrook, Arizona

Route 66, through the windshield. December 26th, 2009. (Photo: Wendi Hudson)

Wigwam Hotel, Holbrook, Arizona

...It was a step back to a different time in America... Holbrook was dead to the world by the time we rolled into town but we stopped off for the night at this classic hotel along Route 66. Nothing stirred, it was cold. We ended up eating at Denny's...Christmas Day, 2009.

Kelbaker Road, Mojave Desert, California

We drove out through the early morning desert, leaving behind the bussle of the city and our pocket technologies. Christmas Day, 2009.