McClure Beach, Point Reyes, California

We went to the beach on Sunday. We read the New York TImes cover to cover. We drank wine. We talked about the state of the world. It was a great Sunday. September, 2009.

Folsom St., San Francisco, California

Yesterday morning, I walked out to my car to head off to work and I found my old 1991 Subie Loyale had been broken into.

They took my shitty ass stereo.

I had some really nice artisan olive bread in there, I had left for my lunch.

It looks like they ate that while they unscrewed and unplugged the stereo. BASTARDS! I wanted that bread!
-September, 2009

Avenue of the Giants, Miranda, California

Alex Martin climbs on the roots of a fallen redwood tree. September, 2009.

Eugene Yacht Club, Junction City, Oregon

All the way to the from Monkton, Vermont- Ada Pierce, sits at a bon fire at her grandson Nick's wedding. "Can you believe that mischievous Joe Shafer?" -Labor Day Weekend, 2009.

48th Street, San Francisco, California

This man is an inspiration to all. God speed in new lands, bud. Ethan Clarke. August, 2009 (Photo: Desbros?)

Oak Street, Portland, Oregon

After an somewhat grueling push through Northern California and Oregon, we arrived. Just in time for dinner, and Shermstixx, live and in effect.
"...Yeaah, I grew up in a small town, I was known for boredom, frustration and shame...I gotta bad reputation, for being desperate, fucked up and insane...then I moved to the city, I found it hard to relate, I got a job to make ends meet, some how the balance never seemed to equate. ..""